Theresa Benkman, LMT


Theresa is a graduate and now faculty member of Discoverypoint School of Massage. She achieved her massage license in 2013, and two years later she returned to Discoverypoint for the Trager(R) Program there. Since then, Theresa has focused on practicing The Trager(R) Approach, a gentle, movement-based form of bodywork that recipients find to be freeing, uplifting and transformative. She is working toward a full certification in Neurokinetic Therapy, a method of assessment that uses muscle testing and palpation to hone in on the structures involved in pain and restricted movement. She is currently certified in the first of three levels. Theresa’s overall philosophy in combining the various forms of bodywork that she uses is to work with the body rather than against it, and to cause the least possible amount of pain in the pursuit of improved health and function. She has focused primarily on treating injuries and dysfunctions, ranging from injuries common in car accidents to chronic pains caused by posture to fascial pain such as fibromyalgia and fasciitis.

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